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Avoid aeration times and play golf in Hawaii!
In general, golf courses in Hawaii conduct the aeration process in April and September. Over the time, golf course's grass and turf are damaged by golfers. Specialized machines, called "Aerators" puncture the soil and sprinkle new grass seeds and fertilizer, which causes new, beautiful grass to grow. During this aeration, golf courses are closed for a few days. However, it can take several weeks for a golf course to return to perfect condition. If you are planning to play golf in Hawaii and are particular about the condition of the course, you may want to avoid travelling to Hawaii around April and September. Coral Creek in the Ewa area has 19 holes and conducts aeration throughout the year without a set schedule. However, this is a unique case and most courses disclose their aeration schedules. Check with Tachibana Enterprises to find aeration schedules for golf courses all over Hawaii.

Golf Course Date of Aeration Period of course recovery Date of resale (re-open)
Kapolei Golf Club 5/13-5/15
Ko Olina Golf Club 9/30 10/1-10/14 10/15
Pearl Country Club NO Aeration - -
Coral Creek Golf Course NO Aeration - -
Royal Kunia Country Club 4/1 4/2-4/15 4/16
Waikele Country Club 9/3 9/4-9/18 9/19
Makaha Valley Country Club NO Aeration - -
Turtle Bay Resort Arnold Palmer Course 9/3-9/5 9/6-9/20 9/21
Turtle Bay Resort George Fazio Course 5/13-5/31 6/1-6/14 6/15
Ewa Beach Golf Club 9/3 9/4-9/17 9/18
Hawaii Prince Golf Club 10/7-10/13 10/14-10/27 10/28
Hawaii Kai Championship Course 4/1-4/2 4/3-4/17 4/18
Hawaii Kai Executive Course TBA TBA TBA
Royal Hawaiian Golf Club 4/8 4/9-4/23 4/24
Ko Olau Golf Club 4/26-4/27 4/28-5/12 5/13
Olomana Golf Links TBA TBA TBA
Mililani Golf Club 9/3-9/4 9/5-9/18 9/19
Waikoloa Beach-King Course (Hawaii) 3/27-3/28 3/29-4/11 4/12
Waikoloa Beach-Beach Course (Hawaii) 4/9-4/10 4/11-4/24 4/25
Kona Country Club (Hawaii) 4/9-4/10 4/11-4/24 4/25
Makani Golf Club (Hawaii) 5/7-5/9 5/10-5/23 5/24
Wailea Golf Club-Gold Course (Maui) 3/20-3/22 3/23-4/5 4/6
Wailea Golf Club-Emerald Course (Maui) 4/30-5/3 5/4-5/17 5/18
Kaanapali Royal Course (Maui) 5/7-5/11 5/12-5/25 5/26
Kaanapali Kai Course (Maui) 4/9-4/12 4/13-4/26 4/27
Ocean Course at Hokuala (Kauai) 5/20-5/21

About aeration:
Turf compaction happens when players walk on turf, compacting the grass and limiting the oxygen supply to the roots. In order to reverse this natural consequence of golfing, aeration is conducted. Using spikes to remove turf with soil helps promote healthy oxygenation of the turf and therefore it is essential maintaining a well conditioned turf.Golf Courses BOOK NOW