Ewa Beach Golf Club

Address: 91-050 Ft. Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI 96706 TEL:808-689-6565


From Waikiki, take H1 Freeway, Westbound and continue on Fort Shafter, Aiea, EXIT 19B/route 78 in the middle lane (left picture).

You can also take the H1 West Airport, Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor route as well, which will take you towards the airport, and rejoins with route 78, but for these directions, we will take the former route.


Continue on route 78 West. Stay in the middle lane for H1 West Pearl City (left picture).


Stay on H1 West towards Waianae at the split in the freeway for Waianae and Wahiawa (left picture).

⇒ Continue until you come to the sign (arrow #1, picture #1) for Route 76 South, Ewa and change to the far right lane.
⇒ Take Exit 5A, Ewa (arrow #2, picture #2) and continue on Fort Weaver Road.

⇒ After exiting the freeway, continue on Route 76 and continue on passing the intersection for Geiger Road (below, arrow #1 and picture #1). Arrive at Ewa Beach Golf Club (arrow #2, picture #2).

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