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  • How can Tachibana Enterprises offer such good deals?
  1. An amazingly high rate of successful tee time reservations.

    Tachibana Enterprise has a big block of tee times based on 35 years of well-established history.
    We purchase a block of tee times from golf courses which enables us to take reservations. Tachibana Enterprises holds many more tee times than other companies.

  2. You can reserve good tee times.

    Our big block of good tee times is our advantage.

  3. Booking the tee-off time through Tachibana Enterprises is cheaper than directly booking through the course.

    Tee Time Reservation is cheaper than the golf course price.

    Golf courseGolf Course
    Visitor Price
    Tachibana Tee Time Reservation Price
    Hawaii Prince Golf Club:$160 (Non Prince Hotel guest)$105
    Waikele Country Club:$140$110
  4. Package your Tour w/Transportation for an even cheaper deal.

    Tachibana Enterprises offers not only Tee Time Reservations but also convenient and economical tour w/transportation packages. Below is an example of playing at Waikele Country Club:

    Going by Taxi

    Taxi fare

    (approx., round trip and gratuity)
    Golf course visitor price

    Tachibana's tour w/transportation package


    Our driver assists with check in at the golf course and loading and unloading of golf clubs.

  5. *Prices are current as of January 1, 2016